It started as a passion project!

I've always been intrigued by planners and organization, to the point where I would literally stand in the planner aisle of staples and nit-pick every single planner..."well why would they add this here?" or "what's the purpose of this?" 

I knew that eventually I wanted to create my own planner, one that had all of the features I liked, but I never put a time stamp on it....until the RONA! 

Corona aka COVID-19 really did a number on me, as I know it did for a lot of other people. Thankfully, (and I am truly thankful because I know a lot of people are not in the same position that I am) I have been able to work from home and continue my freelance projects. 

So, here I am, in my apartment (socially distancing), and I am expected to continue all of my typical projects and tasks as if everything is normal. Not to mention there is a global pandemic happening outside, I have to figure out how to be productive in a space that I have always viewed as an escape from my work. My once "safe haven" has now turned into my home office!

Coincidentally enough, my new home office wasn't even a permanent situation! Though I knew I would have to go back to the offfice-office eventually, that wasn't my most pressing dilemma. The end of my lease on my apartment was quickly approaching! I knew that even if I reached a point where I was able to semi-adjust to this new lifestyle, that I was going to have to pick up and find a new place to live. 

When I tell you I had to do lists all over the place and meeting notes flying out of got to the point where I had to take a few days off from work just to organize my apartment.

Within those few days I created templates to organize my ongoing projects and tasks. I created documents that provided space for meeting notes and follow-up phone calls. I even created worksheets to help with the purchase of a new home (yea, I know...why did I start a home-buying process during a pandemic?!)

But, it wasn't until I spoke to my friends and co-workers about their journeys through "pandemic-life" that I realized the potential of my passion project. 

The planning templates that I created for myself could really help my peers that are going through similar organizational struggles. These templates could even *crosses fingers* lead to creating my own planner (see, I'm circling back to my days in staples)! 

So...I started plan by design

I began my business by releasing free planning templates! This was an amazing way to increase my audience while also taking note of what organizational holes needed filling. Don't worry, I'll continue releasing free giveaways as a thank you to my supporters! 

In the midst of releasing my giveaways, I put out my first official product, the "Keep It Simple" Planning Pack...and trust me, it's only the tip of the iceberg people! I have many more ideas that I'm so excited to share!

As a way to connect to all of you (and a place to house all of my scattered thoughts), I created this blog!

I envision this blog as a place where I share my lessons learned (good and bad). I'll also post planning tips and insights into how to be more productive throughout your every day life! 

As you all get to know me and my vision for plan by design, I hope that you will being to love planning and organization as much as I do!

Thanks for reading friends!

Stay tuned for more...

Happy Planning! 
<3 Erin

published June 27, 2020
Erin Gloster
Creator of plan by design

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